Some games that I am glad were never made… [ COMIC ]

Final Fantasy X-3 might be a game that I’m glad was never made, but there’s more than enough people out there that would enjoy Final Fantasy XXX. Bunch of sickos ;)

It’s been seven months since the last “Games I am glad were never made…”. I didn’t realize that it was that long. I also didn’t realize that this strip makes twenty-four individual “games”.

So why am I mentioning this? Well, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people over the years asking me if I was ever going to make these games into a poster like I did for the Rejected Mega Man Villains. Well, I honestly think I’m nearing the point where that could be a possiblity. I just want to make sure that there’s enough of an interest before I do so. If a Games I am glad were never made… poster it’s something that you would be interested in let me know. Either post on this comics comment area, email me about it or tweet me about it on Twitter.

And fyi, here are the previous “Games I am glad were never made…”

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  • Rahszhul

    Poster of these? I’m in!

  • The Anarchyz

    I’m also in for the poster…

    BTW, Final Fantasy X-2 is not bad (it’s not good either), it’s just that the game is suited for the J-pop culture, the English version is really weird and sucky because of the localization, that’s why i played the J-version, it’s still not what i expect from Final Fantasy, but at least is a game that i can play and in some parts, enjoy… for example the concert in the J-version feels like Ayumi live, while the concert in the US version feels like Hanna Montana XD…

  • I laughed at Final Fantasy X-2 AND the picture, which pretty much explains X-2 (scene where they stop half way through a mission to be in a hot spring and then “wrestle”)

  • Deviant Discordian

    Provided the series lasts up to number 30, people will probably be disappointed that FF XXX will be far different than the perverts expected.

    Myself included :P

  • Shouldn’t it just be Hooking Mama?

  • @Njiska I wanted it to be hooking, but besides a link on Wikipedia to another post I couldn’t find a legitimate mention of the terming meaning prostitution. I can always change it if there’s enough proof.

  • Tony Miller

    I would buy a poster of this series

  • Slywolf15

    The sad thing is, I’m pretty sure there is a Final Fantasy XXX movie although it’s a live action cosplay thing. You ask how I know this? Everyone is curious at times, DON’T JUDGE ME! :P

  • I’d happily buy a poster :)

  • The reason why I ask about the posters, is that there is a sizable upfront cost for them. And if there isn’t a high enough demand, I will be out a lot of money. Money that right now I frankly don’t have.

  • Lord Shplane

    Not that I don’t think a poster would be COOL, but I need money for actual games too much to buy a poster from a gaming comic lol

    No offense.

    Also they should make Hooking Mama. Just sayin’.

  • Dee

    I kinda wanna play hookering mama…

  • Jak830

    The sad thing is there already is a Final Fantasy XXX. And that’s not roman numerals. >_>

  • Slywolf15

    Steve, just want you to know by the way, showed my mom the hookering mama title, since she knows about the cooking mama series, and she laughed quite a bit over it as well. : )

  • gelugon2105

    AWESOME strip, Mr. Napierski. I particularly like the Hookering Mama game, which I find to be the most amusingly vulgar of the three. In any case, I think WiiShit is still the most amusing of them all. I still have laughing fits trying to imagine a toilet bowl / latrine peripheral for the Wii.

  • Njiska

    @Steve Napierski, how’s for a legitimate usage? Note hooking is a synonym of Prostitution.

    Urban Dictionary also mentions Hooking, . Since we’re talking slang terms Urban Dictionary should be considered a valid source even if it is user maintained.

    I hope you do decide to change it. Hooking Momma is both sounds better and is a more accurate parody.

  • Savanti Romero

    “Hooking Mama” would’ve worked better than “Hookering Mama”. The definition of what a prostitute does (selling ones body for money) is Hooking, not Hookering. Love Suicide Bomberman though.

  • H3xx

    I’d rather see more outer circle. kind getting impatient with whole Rich is a vacuum cleaner. >_<

  • @Njiska I’ll change it sometime soon.

    @H3xx Me too.

  • gelugon2105

    Anybody (other than Steve Napierski of course) noticed that Hookering Mama has a “Rating Pending” ESRB status? Perhaps Steve intended the ESRB to be so shell-shocked by this title that everyone on the review committee took a vacation immediately?

  • EZ_pin

    ACUALY it would Be Pimping not Hookering or Hooking Mama, BUT Hookering MAMA is good 2