So long, King Bowser (Part III) [ COMIC ]

I did not actually think I was going to finish this comic in time. Originally, I was going to have twelve jurors (still do) and King Koopa and his lawyer. Unfortunately, there was not enough room for his lawyer. Depending on where you’re from, I could have had two alternate jurors as well. If so, they would have been Astaroth from Ghost ‘n Goblins and Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride.

I’m thinking of doing a couple Friday comics this month to expedite the rate the strips in this arc run. Remember this is just me thinking and nothing is set in stone, but it is a strong possibility.

Head over to to see a guest strip that I did for their one year anniversary. Congrats guys.

Not really much else to discuss today, but Wednesday will be a completely different story.