Snow White and the Present [ COMIC ]

Was Mulan completely innocent here or was she secretly working with Queen Grimhilde on the side? Hmm…

Disney should create a Disney Princesses series in the vein of House of Mouse where all the characters are interacting together in one setting… Not like Sofia the First where some are Sofia’s age and others aren’t and… I have two little girls. I know these things. I think they would work even as shorts, like the DC Nation Shorts, and just put in between other shows on the Disney Channel and Disney XD. I think that could work.

Speaking of DC Nation, has Cartoon Network given up on that? It was really strong when it had Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and the various DC Nation Shorts. Now it has what, Beware the Batman? Not even sure why they changed the lineup in the first place. I would have gladly preferred another few seasons of both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Who knows? Maybe there was some internal politics and drama surrounding it that I don’t know about. After all, there is a reason why “Has DC Comics Done Something Stupid Today?” exists.

source: Tapastic


  • 21michael

    When having kids you get the oddest knowledge. Don’t have any myself, but have a nephew and used to be an Au-pair in London, which gained me some knowledge of Thomas the Tank-engine

  • Nobody

    It is because Cartoon Network has discovered there is no money in producing well written quality shows. This is a real shame because this has lead to them canceling several good shows which appealed to all ages.

    Low quality animation making tired gross out jokes for stoners and little kids is where the money is.

  • MediaDuke

    And this is why we have Pocket Princesses: