Snap, Crack or Pop… [ COMIC ]

When I first saw Elebits, Pikmin came to mind. Granted there are other elebits that look nothing like pikmin, but the one on the cover does.

Regardless, I am really looking forward to the game. Supposedly it utilizes the Wiimote better than any of the games created by Nintendo themselves and on top of that its fun too. I’m hoping to enjoy this quirky title as much as Katamari Damacy or Pikmin for that matter. Pikmin, now there’s a game that begs to be made for the Wii.

I’ve got some extra space so… Final Fantasy XII, love it. Wii Sports got pro in bowling, only to lose it the next game. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I’ve owned it since launch and haven’t played it yet… waiting to beat Final Fantasy XII before I start it. And I have plans to do upcoming Dueling Analogs comics of all three of these games.