Skyrim Mods [ COMIC ]

Oh, you PC gamers and your mods. Why can’t you be more like console gamers and just be happy with your games as you bought them..Or at the very least as they will be after they pay for the DLC to unlock the remaining content on its disk?


  • Pelle

    Becouse the original game is comparatively ugly, and the console version even more so. The gameplay is also unbalanced, simplistic and gets repetitive.

    • efaj

      Then…. don’t buy the game?

    • jeffers

      Yeah, I’m all for improving games through mods, but why would you bother wasting time creating a mod for a game you didn’t like in the first place?

      • H3xx

        Just because the current version of a game isn’t that good, doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. We play pc games because a game company makes a decent game, but a good community makes it nearly perfect. Mods come out, not to just to add eye candy, but also to fix bugs that the company either didn’t know or care about, or didn’t have the time or money to fix it. And when the game gets old, and no more DLC comes out, then some talented players take the game and make a complete overhaul. A completely new game that doesn’t cost anything.

        So, not only do PC games get better with time, they also have a lot more replay value. So, at the same price as your console games, us pc gamers get a lot more bang for our buck. It’s also cheaper to upgrade our pc than to buy a whole new set of consoles every few years. It’s economical.

  • PrinceJonathan

    Last panel made no sense to me.

    But I love mods. Pick any console game, play it, and tell me there aren’t at least a dozen things you wished the programmers had done differently. With mods YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • Triaxx2

    I have to admit, that the face thing is not merely women, nor is it entirely about them being prettier. The default faces are very sharply blocky. The bodies, well, male bodies tend to be reasonable, but the female bodies vary between Lara Croft and 12 year old tomboy. Of course some of them go over the top.

    On the other hand, for every handful of these, you get mods like Belua Sanguinaire Revisited, which makes Vampirism both desirable and something to be feared. Ultimate Follower Overhaul, which lets you go beyond the single follower limit, removes the annoyingly useless default bow, lets them die or be immortal, let’s them learn new spells. Skyrim Redone, which completely rebalances and redefines the experience, doubling the length of an already vast game. On a console, you have to carry a torch to see in the dark, which means you can’t use a shield. We can hang a lantern on our belts and fight and see. And we’re not stuck with a night that’s little more than a blue shift of daylight.

    Know how tough you feel killing a dragon? We feel like we’ve torn the world apart in our hands after we’ve knocked down a Deadly Dragons monster. Midas Magic, Phendrix Magic, which both expand the spells available to places Bethesda never thought to go.

    Love the game, but don’t like an aspect? Change it. Want more depth in your archery? There’s a mod for that. Want more enemies thrown at you because the game is too easy? There’s a half dozen mods for that. Don’t like the armor selection? Want more weapons? There’s several mods for that. Want to be Ezio in Skyrim? Masters of Death is the mod for that. Dwarven Power Armor? Got it. Want to repair those dwarven machines to fight for you? Yes, there really is a mod for that.

    Like taking cinematic screen shots? Got you covered in spades.

    That’s why we mod the game, because we want more of what we’ve got. Just because some people want more adult things doesn’t mean that we all do.

    • jeffers

      True, but it might have taken more than three panels to fit all that in, and it wouldn’t have made a very good joke lol

  • thewood

    I still think the funniest mod I’ve seen so far is the one for people with arachnophobia that turns all the spiders in the game into bears. It’s awesome to see a bear rappelling from the hole in the roof of the cave before fighting you.

    • H3xx

      You obviously didn’t see the one that turns the dragons into Macho Man Randy Travis. Not only is it absolutely hilarious, it’s also terrifying.