Simulated Experiences [ COMIC ]

You should see how his yard looks in Animal CrossingsIt’s FABULOUS!


  • Phaelin

    Ah, this is from the comic. Love it!

  • ShadowRose

    I spy with my little eye… The ball from The Rugrats

    • Gerardanny

      I have a better eye, I can see Rainbow Dash XD

      • Hello

        Try to find Luigi now.

        • White Rice

          What’s that little guy doing under that turkey leg (and why are there 3 drumsticks?)

          My question (as there isn’t anything else really hidden smaller than the younger Mario brother): what’s that adhesive-bandage doing on the window (and is it on the outside, or taped to the window with the sticky side facing in?)

  • LOL True history.

  • You guys make a webcomic, and I’d expect you to know that it’s shitty when someone crops out the name of a comic and the credits. This is episode 20 of brentalfloss: the comic. Sorry to be a douche about it, but you must have known that SOMEONE was behind this and deserved credit.

    • Dude, I always cite if I can. I pride myself on doing so. I have updated the image to use the one from and also updated the credits accordingly. Sorry for any undue stress this may have caused.

  • Alright, so you did cite Andy’s deviantart page. We need to get some watermarks on these, damn…

    • Phaelin

      Yeah, 9gag snatches these all the time and leaves the credit off. Bunch of savages.