Sim-ulating Experience [ COMIC ]

We all know the main reason people play dating sims are for the compelling stories and not to fill a lonesome void in their lives. Right? Right!?

Speaking of dating sims, I’ve been contemptating getting Tea Society of a Witch. Cool part is you play the game on a standard DVD player and the artwork looks awesome, too. If anyone else owns this or has played this, let me know how it is so I’m not flying into this blind.

Lastly, let me promote two manga webcomics that I’ve been reading for a while. True they are American manga and some of you purists might have a problem with that, but that’s your problem. First off is value=dead_. This strip is in the traditional japanese comic strip format, has awesome artwork and the artists sense of humor is spot on. The other one is Masago. I’ve been reading this one for quite some time. I like the continuous evolution of artist’s art style and the interaction of the characters he’s created. Especially Marlo… she’s my favorite.