She Did the Mash [ COMIC ]

Gentlemen, first you learn that you’re holding your controller the wrong way and now you learn that all your fancy button pressing doesn’t even matter. What is your girlfriend going to school you on next? Inadequacies in the bedroom, perhaps…


  • Any fighting game where this works is not worth playing. I’m looking at you, Soul Calibur.

    • LostTails

      Soul Calibur, Tekken, MvC, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and really, any flashy fighter, the only fighters where Button Mashers can’t beat novice players tend to be really technical fighters with relatively tame movesets like Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter

      • Slow_hand461

        Not sure which BlazBlue you’re playing, but trust, I am yet to be beaten by my button mashing friends or sister in that particular series of games… Soul Calibur, on the other hand…

    • Kage

      I watched a 10 year old play through Soul Calibur in the arcade with Sigfried I think. She crouched and pressed low kick the entire time and beat the whole thing.

      Needless to say I was disappointed and shocked; hopefully that girl became a gamer though from her success.

    • thewood

      Any player who can’t beat a button masher is not worth playing against.

  • BigLord

    Bad games let you win by only mashing buttons randomly.
    Good games let you win by only mashing buttons randomly… if the other player is ALSO mashing buttons randomly :P

  • jnite


    Was that annoying to look at? Now imagine each one of those performing an attack. Even if they don’t win it is beyond annoying!

  • Sabbo

    The trick here is finding which button or single attack to button-mash with to get the best results.

    • Nemo

      Damn straight brotha1 That’s how I beat Marvel v. Capom II back in the day. Just kept using Spiderman’s jumping combo over and over… adn I kicked Onslaught’s ass in about 22 seconds!

  • bidoopoo

    This is the single leading cause of angrily calling your girlfriend a bi*ch.

  • Senen

    “Any player who can’t beat a button masher is not worth playing against.”

    If you lose against a button masher, don’t blame the game, blame yourself. (That’s true even in Soul Calibur, seriously.)

  • Triaxx2

    Ah, how I love to school button mashers. They always learn just one trick and if you can get around that, you’ve got them licked. Like the guys who power combo Pit’s B spin attack in Brawl.