Shadow Complex [ COMIC ]

Final Fantasy VI is hands down my favorite in the franchise. I think I’ve completed the game from start to finish probably about 4 or 5 times. But on the first time I finished the game I did leave Shadow behind. I always felt bad seeing his face in the sky during the credits that first time. Fictitious characters or not, this comic does resonate with me.


  • Steve, it’s spelled as “resonate”.

  • Skozo

    I did that too, and he actually is very important to the story I thought he would come around soon. D: He was a mercenary and well never consider that awesome being as a ninja.

  • reepnorp

    This speaks to me on a very deep level. I still remember thinking “He made it off… right? They wouldn’t just kill off a character like that”

    It was so much worse than when Aeris died, because this one was my fault.

  • mlsterben

    I made damn sure he was with me the entire game. Not many RPGs give you a dog who functions beyond a single attack, and I always figured if I was going to make my own RPG I’d want my very own trusty doggy. :D

  • Halrawk

    I didn’t leave him first play through. He is my favorite character, and I would have rather lost everyone than go on without shadow!

  • Lagaes

    Same here, on my first playthrough, I was so used to games being scripted, that I thought I just had to go to the airplane and he would automatically make it too, or if he did not, then it was meant to be tha way. That’s only long after that I understood.
    Even worse for me, still in my first playthrough, was that soon after, I didn’t quite get the “fishing” thing so I couldn’t feed Cid properly and let him die, leaving Celes alone, in despair. That was a really moving moment.

    But in the end, it is one of the elements that make this game so great. There are tragic moments, but some of them you can avoid : your actions can have an impact on the lives of others. And when you finally get things right, it feels kind of rewarding. I had a similar experience, recently, when finishing Radiant Historia, when I realized that some small, insignificant side quests had real outcomes on the people around Stocke.

  • I let Shadow live on my first playthrough, but I couldn’t get the fishing right afterward, so Cid died. Going back, I think Cid dying was more impactful on the story than if you saved him.