Seasons of the Titan [ COMIC ]

So then what does Titanwinter and Titanspring look like?

Since I don’t personally know anyone who has bought an Xbox One, I haven’t had a chance to play Titanfall, yet. It looks fun, but that’s about all I can say. Maybe you guys can offer up a little detailed perspective.

source: Nameless PCs


  • Mike

    Very very fun multiplayer game. Playing as a pilot is as much fun as running around as titan.

    • David

      I’m finding the Titan side of Titanfall to be way less appealing than running around as a pilot. Odd considering how much I love giant robots, but I think Titan play is sort of bland. There’s not much to being good with a Titan and being more skilled than average doesn’t really return better than average results.
      I hate comparing it to Battlefield because it’s a totally different style of game, but in Battlefield when you’re great at using a vehicle it really puts you ahead. You can get good enough to take out things specifically designed to counter your vehicle of choice. Titan play sort of caps out skillwise early. A good pilot and an amazing pilot are about as effective as each other.

      That said I think that works out for the best considering how many Titans drop per match. The pilot vs pilot gameplay is outstanding and the Titans don’t disrupt that much. Learn a map, learn to control your character, learn your weapon of choice, and you can become an unstoppable force of living death. It really takes that high speed Call of Duty style game play to the next level.