Sabin Fever [ COMIC ]

Sabin is hands down my favorite Final Fantasy character ever. Not because he has some awesome back story or looks cool, but because when you equip him the genji gloves, offering, two tigers claws and level him up correctly he can do ( 9,999 x 8 ) damage per round. Loved when I figured that out as a kid.

What can I say, I prefer DPSers. How else do you explain that Wakka is my second favorite Final Fantasy character?


  • My favorite character has always been Sephiroth :D, he’s just looks cool and bad ass.

  • Kuroi Kaze

    Agreed. Sabin has always been my fav as well. I actually have a perler pixel art sabin on my wall right now.

    Mine’s a little better than this one but you get the idea:


    Bieng FF6 my favorite FF and having spent so many hours playing it as a kid this is prolly the best FF-comic strip I’ll ever come across, you have no Idea hob good this was for me – THANKS

  • Twist

    Yea Sabin was pretty bad ass but in that game everybody could become pretty bad ass. My party was usually Sabin, Cyan, Terra, and either Shadow or Edgar. With the right equipment Sabin, Cyan, or Terra were all pretty easy to get to the 9999×8 phase. Terra with Atma Weapon, Illumina, Offering, and Genji Gloves is just as bad ass as Sabin.

  • Asquian

    But, but, Edgar and Locke weren’t available to fight Phantom Train! It should be Cyan and Shadow! /nerd.

  • s1h4d0w

    You’s have to change ze source :o

    It’s called Magical Game Time now ;)
    He didn’t want to get sued haha

  • InsanityBringer

    Ok, that was completely epic. I’ve always liked the Figaro brothers, but the moment I figured out Sabin was capable of throwing a train…

  • spweasel

    I couldn’t laugh because that’s not the right party for the Phantom Train fight… I kid, I kid. This was pretty funny.

    As much as I love Sabin, I think I still like Gau most gameplay-wise, for both his incredible utility and ridiculous damage output. Genji Glove + Offering + 2x Imp Halberds + Quick + Stray Cat = whatthecrapIjust1-shotKefka. Then again, 5x Ultima, Quick + SwdTech, Bum Rush, etc. etc. etc. were all overkill anyways, so that damage usually goes to waste.

    Anyways, I still think that FFIII (i.e. the original US release of FFVI) is the best RPG of all time, even all these years later. It was the first RPG to really get everything right (great story, great characters, great music, great gameplay, etc.), and all great RPGs since seem to suffer from some sort of bloat that takes away from the experience – needlessly complicated gameplay, stories that drag on, and so forth.

  • Asmo

    Honestly Sabin was one of the lesser characters in the endgame. The tiger claws are one of the weakest endgame equips, and his other equipment was pretty poor too. If you really want DPS, then Edgar is the best all around character in most battles. With a boosted magic stat, Edgar’s Flash tool can 9999 all enemies, usually ending the battle in one turn. Sure, Sabin can do the same thing with a blitz, but its more work, and all his blitzes rely on the Magic Stat, so unless you’re playing a max stat game (LLG until Floating Continent), its unlikely you’ll max both physical and magical stats.
    And lets not forget that a character with Ragnarok / Illumina equipped will do more damage (8x attack PLUS 2 to 4 casts of Pearl or Flare on hit), and those weapons also augment stats.

  • Z2

    I gotta tell ya, I’ve only played FFIII on the SNES. I thought it and FFVI on the PS were pretty much the same game, but I’m hearing references to items I’ve never seen. (What’s a “flash”tool? Illumin-wha?) It has been a while, but I played through it completely 5 times.
    I loved Sabin throughout most of the game, but towards the end my favorite was Terra.

    Get the gem box from the tower, kill Brontosaurs until you get an Economizer, then have Terra cast Ultima twice every turn for no MP at the start of every battle everywhere. 9999s on multiple enemies, at lower levels. Sabin’s stuff was awesome, and readily available, but couldn’t match the power of many of the other items.

  • Asmo

    The Flash tool is one of Edgar’s tools using the Tool command. Autocrossbow, Drill, Chainsaw, Flash etc.

    The Illumina is the transformed version of the Ragnarok sword. It can be gotten only after you’ve rescued Locke from the Phoenix tower, and is received from one of the people in a house in Narshe. He gives you an option of giving you the Ragnarok esper or the sword. Once you have the Ragnarok sword it can be bet in the Colliseum for the Illumina, arguably the most powerful sword in the game.

    Magic casters don’t really work well when you’re going for Damage Per Second (DPS) because they typically have long cast times / animations. It is a lot faster for Edgar to use Flash (1.5 second 9999 all enemies) then for Sabin to attack the enemies 8 times (prob 7 seconds). Not to mention the fact that you’re actually making most battles longer.

    A lot of players actually give Sabin a Merit Award and equip him with a Genji Shield / Magus Rod to increase his attack power and even out his poor equipment end-game.

  • bidoopoo

    “How else do you explain that Wakka is my second favorite Final Fantasy character?” – Steve “brudda” Napierski

    You either have a serious thing for video game characters with extreme hairstyles, or an unhealthy obsession with Pacman.