Role-playing Game Logic – Locked Doors [ COMIC ]

It’s bad enough having to deal with locked doors, but knowing that a change of perspective is all you need to bypass them adds a whole new level of trolling. I know that’s not how it actually works, but still… The above role-playing game comic does make a valid point.

via: Reddit


  • BigLord

    Super Paper Mario comes to mind :P

    • Triaxx2

      Or, even though it’s not an RPG, New Super Mario brothers.

  • FireballDragon

    And don’t forget using the “stairs” command to go down a set of stairs. My God…

  • Sky Render

    Locked doors are certainly an absurd obstacle to put in front of a character wielding a massive weapon and/or arcane arts. But I think Mother 3 pretty much topped the absurdity factor (quite intentionally!) by having one of its earliest “you-can’t-go-that-way” triggers be a trail of ants that the main character didn’t want to accidentally step on.

  • In the DS Zeldas, the boss door was more like a pedestal thing, and in Link To The Past, the same was always on the north side of the room.

    But yes, the noble Impassable Bush, Nonprogressus shrubberius, and the well-built Infinitley Tall One-Foot-Fence…. esepcially since, if there’s ever a gurard rail in a video game’s universe, it’s explicilty there for someone to fall over.

  • Darkspyre

    HOLY HELL, I ACTUALLY MADE THIS. I’m… I’m simply astounded that it ever made it onto here. I was amazed when it got popular on tumblr really fast too, but… I really never expected it to reach someplace like this!