Revolution of the Daleks [ COMIC ]

I think the title is both clever and relevant. Much better than Sega Genesis of the Daleks. That’s just silly.

So there I am sketching a picture of a Dalek on my notepad, when I realize that the base and shape of a Dalek is very similar to a Nintendo Wii. And from that the birth of the Wii Dalek was born. I guess that kind of makes me like Davros… without the kick ass chair.

Speaking of Doctor Who (Daleks are from Doctor Who, just in case you didn’t know), don’t forget that Planet of the Dead premieres this Easter Sunday on BBC One. But even more importantly, Red Dwarf will be returning to television on Easter weekend as well with three brand new episodes and a making of special, too. So if you don’t get Dave (the channel, not Lister), make sure to check the torrent sites to get the episodes… just like I will be doing next Friday night.

Update: Here’s the desktop versions of the comic as requested and promised:

Revolution of the Daleks (1600 x 1200, 1024 x 768)

Until next time…


  • My head kinda hurts right now…

    Oh, first!

  • zayus

    Both of those things are the best, I want to stick my penis in british television right now, move it around a little, see what happens…

  • Lynn

    I…like this. Entirely too much.

  • Deadrocks

    That is full of justice. So much justice. SOO MUCH JUSTICE!

  • Archie Goodwin

    Red Dwarf has the greatest DVD’s ever, seriously what other shows have full cast commentary on every episode, I’m so excited for these new episodes all 6 of my nipples are tingling.

  • I really like this layout. Nice colours and everything.

  • Savanti Romero

    Totally awesome, I especially love the (Davros) logo. Unfortunately I'll have to wait for SciFi to air the new Doctor Who episodes.

  • JackLee1978

    I’m going to miss David Tennant

  • Savanti Romero

    Do a companion piece, a Cyberman modeled after XBOX 360, with the red ring of death saying something like “Your game saves are going to DELETE…DELETE!”

  • Dan

    If this is an april fools joke I will EAT YOUR FACE!

  • @Dan How can it be an April Fool’s joke? Best of my knowledge, Daleks aren’t real.

  • Cyantre

    Someone needs to turn that into a case-mod, NOW! It would be the best case-mod ever.

  • Random

    I want a wallpaper version of this, please.

  • josh

    i love you

  • cubs2084

    This wins….so incredibly hard….

  • Guido


  • Jack

    Red Dwarf is coming back? Is it the same actors? Why didn’t I hear of this earlier? Hm.

  • I do think this has got to me the best thing I’ve seen all week.

  • Marcelo

    I saw an R2D2 there.

  • ^Hahaha I can totally relate to that

  • Kat R

    This is so much win. It is now my desktop background.
    I agree that a 360 cyberman would also be awesome, though, just as with the consoles they’d be modeled after the Daleks would still be superior in my mind.
    I’m going to go fangirl in that corner now. Thank you.

  • meef

    Finally a bit of justice for England^^

  • Uncharted One

    And who destroys the daleks? The Doctor, that’s who. And The Doctor would be that Wii Emulator on PC that can run Wii games in HD.