Remember That Time… [ COMIC ]

I had a time like this too, but my panned out a little differently.

I remember when I was ten years old, my mom took me to one of the local department stores to pick out a new game for our ColecoVision, as I hadn’t gotten any new games for it in years. The problem was that when we got there we learned that they were not making new games for it anymore.

Then, the store clerk showed us the Nintendo Entertainment System. I asked my mom if we could get a Nintendo and she said, “If you save up your allowances and put any money you get for your birthday towards it, I think you can manage.” A few months later, my birthday arrived and I had only managed to save up about $70. Still, it didn’t matter because my birthday gift was a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System. With the money that I had saved up I was able to buy my very first self-purchased game EVAR: Ice Climber.


  • Triaxx2

    Who doesn’t remember the first game they bought? Mine was Mega Man 2. The only one of the series I’ve ever bought new in the package.

    • Whitenut

      Very first game i purchased was Perfect Dark for the N64 from Kmart. Back then great games didn’t cost 50-60$. And to this day I still play it, not on my N64 sadly it died from old age and poor surroundings.

      • SilentS

        N64’s can die? That’s news to me. With the amount of abuse I have seen that system take over the years I am a bit surprised that it is even possible.

    • Klaster_1

      I remember rushing into store the very first day The Orange Box was out and spending the very first university stipend money on it. What a great day that was indeed.

  • Kaligomalus

    First I ever got myself was Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja for the SNES. I cannot remember how, as I was very young at the time, I just know it was not a present as otherwise my brother would have gotten one at the same time too. First I can actually remember buying was the original GTA for the PC I’d also just bought myself, although I’d bought many games by that point, just don’t remember which.

  • yue

    I honestly don’t remember what was my first game that I bought with my own money.
    It was probably a PC game, maybe Starcraft ?
    Even though I owned a few consoles when I was young, I never bought any games for them myself, they were either gift or bootleg copies (god I loved the PS1 for that).
    Since I’ve been a PC gamer for at least the last 10 years, I haven’t really cared for consoles past the Ps1/N64. Completely skipped a console generation and I got a Wii as a gift a few months after it’s release, together with Zelda Twilight Princess, it gathered dust for a long time until Zelda Skyward Sword came out, which would be my very first home console game that I bought for myself. (After having bought over 200 PC games.. lol)

  • ShamanT

    Simon the Sorcerer was my first self purchased game. Now I want to play it again…

  • Rererak

    Man, we bought a handful of games. My brother and I had five dollars each for our allowance and we went to a garage sale where they were selling a used gameboy with ten or so games. I remember playing them all but the one I remember the most was Final Fantasy Adventures. We’d already owned Final Fantasy 2 (well, 4) when our uncle gave it to us but Adventures was different. It was portable and darnit I was ahead of my brother for the first time in my gaming history. Until, of course, I got stuck at a quest where I was supposed to make a figure 8 with trees. HE figured it out quickly but I got stuck at the “THERE’S AN EIGHT MADE OF TREES RIGHT BELOW THE CASTLE” and kept circling it to no avail. I refused advice and only found out the answer when I revisited the game a few years back. Turns out there was two trees at a screen further away you were supposed to weave between.

  • jeffers

    Took me a while, but I finally remembered my first self purchased game. Turns out it was coded arms, not exactly an exciting purchase and I didnt get round to it until I was 16 and it was cut price, but still, it’s the principal of the thing.

  • Stitch

    My first game was Yar’s Revenge, and the best part? I didn’t pay in cash, but in hard labor to the man that revolutionized the gaming industry with it and then almost killed the industry with E.T. , Howard Scott Warshaw, still a friend of family to this day.

  • Rorinthas

    I remember when I first started working and had my own money. I got to drive into town, on a school night to get Zelda for the original Game boy on release night. My car wouldn’t start when I came back out. Took me over an hour to reach my folks because we only had one line and it was tied up with the ‘net. Dad came out and we were changing the fuel pump at about nine at night. So much for getting any play time in.

  • thewood

    My first pick of game was Star Tropics on NES. What an awesome game that was! Awesome mix of old Zelda gameplay with better puzzles.
    First one I bought with my own money was Duke Nukem 2, full version. We had already had the shareware version which only had the first of 4 episodes. Ah, those were the days.

  • Xuncu

    My brother was the one to buy ones early on. I don’t remember when i started getting for my own. Possibly Pokemon

  • Boots

    Ahhh good old days of buying ones first game! If I remember correctly I think mine was Diablo for the PC still play it to this day! Haven’t beaten it yet though….My brother did that.

  • Hysteria

    The very first game i picked… street fighter 2 for the snes… it was 20 whole dollars. i begged my mum for hours till she finnaly gave me the big bill (20 dollars to an 8 year old, gee i was richer than the richest kids my age) i ran to the store. paid it, ran home.. and spent the following days/months/years beating it with every single character on every single difficulty setting.. i am still gratefull for that childhood experience. in the end i traded my street fighter for super metroid… wich of course i proceeded to beat the hell out of over several days/weeks lol

  • Gnippleton

    My first self-purchased games were Gradius, BurgerTime, and Zelda) on the same day back in 1988 (was 8 years old) back in the oldschool Toys R Us store (tickets ahoy!).. Maybe it was cheating because my grandma handed me the money as a gift that same day. Bah, same great feeling regardless.

    The games I actually spent my own earned money on were Bionic Commando, Blaster Master, Legacy of the Wizard, and Zelda II in 1989.

  • I remember the first game I ever bought. Sadly, it was pretty crap. Double Dragon for the Atari 2600. Just didn’t play like the arcade, and as a young kid in the 1st grade I just found controlling it to be impossible.

  • White Rice

    First game I got to pick out…probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES (I got damn good at the dam level) I played the crap out of that game, but never beat it (I think I still have it, and the NES…)

    First bought with saved everything…that was the NES itself (well, I had to save half, my dad covered the rest, and the joystick, and a handfull of other games) I’m glad I still have that old thing, good memories.

  • macson

    I think the first game I ever bought with my own money was Command & Conquer Red Alert in the gerneration box with the 2 expansions.

    Took a while to save up that money ( I think It was 80 DM that time)
    I had to send an older friend to buy it cause I was only 12 and the game was for 16 and older. XD
    (ok he wasn´t 16 neither but he looked quite older.)

    Dam I think i´ve never played a game as long as C&C. Sadly I couldn´t emulate it lately due to my 64 bit maschine. -_-

  • Nemo

    The 1st game I bought with my own money: FINAL FANTASY

  • J317

    I got Final Fantasy as well.