Remember That Time… [ COMIC ]

I had a time like this too, but my panned out a little differently.

I remember when I was ten years old, my mom took me to one of the local department stores to pick out a new game for our ColecoVision, as I hadn’t gotten any new games for it in years. The problem was that when we got there we learned that they were not making new games for it anymore.

Then, the store clerk showed us the Nintendo Entertainment System. I asked my mom if we could get a Nintendo and she said, “If you save up your allowances and put any money you get for your birthday towards it, I think you can manage.” A few months later, my birthday arrived and I had only managed to save up about $70. Still, it didn’t matter because my birthday gift was a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System. With the money that I had saved up I was able to buy my very first self-purchased game EVAR: Ice Climber.