Remember that Time [ COMIC ]

If Mario wasn’t so stoned, he would have known it was Pauline and not Peach. To which Donkey Kong would have replied, “Oh, yeah… I remember that.”

source: Reddit


  • Dash12345678

    Through panels two and three, I was really expecting the punchline to involve the fact that classic DK is modern Cranky Kong, and that Modern DK is classic DK Junior.

    • Angry_Squirrel

      Right here, this. I find the comic overall completely unfunny and cringe-worthy otherwise as it is now.

  • Lane Trip

    This wasn’t funny or really good to be honest. The “Mario is on drugs” joke has been done to DEATH. It was Pauline not Paula, he went after Cranky and not Donkey technically (which was not mentioned) and the last panel makes no sense. I’m not saying everyone should be a freaking Mario expert, but if you are going to make Mario jokes, at least know your stuff so that they make sense.

    I mean, not only are the jokes bad, but they also don’t make sense in context of the games.

    • He’s drugged so this isn’t supposed to make sense anyway. Just chill.

  • Console Chairman

    Also worth noting, that’s not the same DK and the one that kidnapped Pauline if you’re talking about the DK with the red tie and gold initials. So the DK you’re using would only know about Pauline being kidnapped if he knew all the exploits of his….uncle? I think…or father, can’t recall the proper history.

  • marvin

    People! It all makes sense: Mario’s done so many drugs that he can’t even keep his own games straight anymore. Hence the DK holding Peach captive in the last panel.

  • Sixclaws

    That moment when you realize that Luigi IS Peach.