Early Release [ COMIC ]

I’m just imagining how cool an MMORPG would be if there was a class in the game for training monsters. Now I don’t mean monster trainer or beastmaster in the traditional gaming terms, where they use monsters in battle, but in the vein that they raise and train these creatures to release into the wild for players to actually battle against. These “monster trainers” could also level up under another new “dungeon master” class, not meaning the same thing either, and create new quests for players to explore. Me, I would just train monsters that were OP and send them to areas that a traditionally low level to decimate the indigenous creatures and any players dumb enough to venture there. FUN-NY!


  • Nobody

    Basically playing the opposite side of a traditional MMORPG. It’s an interesting concept but it would likely be difficult to implement and likely get boring fast.

  • Xyle

    Back in the days of the original Everquest, the enchanter class could temporarily charm a monster then give it over powered equipment. Once the enchantment wore off the monster would retain all that was given it.

    I watched friends put fully decked out low level skeletons out to pasture in newbie zones and we would sit back and watch as it took hours of it murdering everyone that came by for another higher level to come and kill it. It was amazing and horrible. <3

  • Garland

    and THAT is why theres is no such class XD!

    • kit

      LOL that newbie abuse is probably the reason it doesn’t exist … I remember in this one MMORPG I played I did something like that. I attacked three bears, not crazy deadly, but more than enough to kill lower levels (they were about level 35) and got them to chase me into the newbie area… Although I did it not to kill actual players, the game had an issue with gold farming bots in the newbie area. So I used the bears to slaughter all the bots.