Rejected Mega Man X Mavericks III [ COMIC ]

I used to pop the Rejected Mega Man Villains out in record time. This is only the third Rejected Mega Man X Mavericks and I’ve been doing these for over half a year now. Speaking of which, here’s the links to the first and second Rejected Mega Man X Mavericks.

I want to make sure that I give credit to Travis Scovill for suggesting that I do mavericks based on some of the character names from the Metal Gear Solid series. I think I chose the best of the names that would have worked. Vulcan Raven would have either been a pointy eared bird or a lame duck [See Roman Mythology, true believers! – Stan], Gray Fox would have been a… well… gray fox, and I think using any of the other Snakes would have been little redundant.

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