Rejected Mega Man X Mavericks I [ COMIC ]

I figure Grease Monkey is some sort of repair reploid. Crappy Crappie is some sort of underwater reploid… maybe he talks to fish liks Aquaman. But I have no idea what the hell LOL Cat does, besides wanting to eat “cheezburgers.”

Rejected Mega Man Villains were so easy to draw/create. I could create three of them in three to four hours. It took me three to four hours to create Grease Monkey alone. Mavericks are a lot more detailed than the original robot masters or rejected villains for that matter. I included a larger version of Grease Monkey on my deviantART site. Really proud of how it turned out. That said, someone please tell me how to get in contact with Capcom or get in contact with Capcom for me. I want to create a new robot master/maverick/reploid/anything for one of the countless Mega Man games that will be coming out in one form or another. Shit, I think Grease Monkey could be an actual boss in a future Mega Man X title.

Question Time. Would you guys be interested in a mini-poster with the top nine most favorite Rejected Mega Man Villains on it and done the art style of Mega Man Reloaded? Just imagine an adorable version of Bukkake Man? If this is something you would be interested in email me or comment about it in this posting’s forum thread. Just something I thought might be fun and I think I can keep the poster cost at $10USD, too. Not bad says I. Thanks for the responses. I’ve got a plan of action now.