Rejected Mega Man Villains VI [ COMIC ]

Another set of Rejected Mega Man Villains… man I love making these and from what I hear you guys like seeing them. For those of you new to Dueling Analogs or those who may have missed the previous installments… here’s a link to the first Rejected Mega Man Villains, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth. Wow! Six sets already, where has the time gone.

I’ve got an interview in the October issue of Zoinks! Mazagine. Along with some original artwork and my regular the outer circle comic. It also has an interview with Scott Kurtz (PvP) and Matt Chapman (Homestar Runner)… check it out.

Lastly, all the pre-order t-shirts have been shipped. I will be starting a pre-order for the next t-shirt pretty soon. So stay tuned.