Rejected Mega Man Bosses [ COMIC ]

I really need to make a new installment for the Rejected Mega Man Villians series.

As far as this comic goes, why is Steve Man considered rejected? Looks like someone made the mistake of confusing the word rejected with AWESOME!!!


  • Sai

    Nice try, Steve. Hahaha!

  • BigLord

    I love how every single one of them has a Megabuster :lol:

  • Xuncu

    Alright, lesse….
    Baby-on-a-dog Man is the first to die, because Rock is a horrible person.
    Use the D’awwwh! Eyes to induce a heart attack on Steve.
    Then the S.Thumb to scoop the last bit of Jam out.
    The Jam Shot ruins Van’s upholstery.
    The Tire Roller keeps Help-Me-Up pinned and sucking.
    Tip Push over the Stack makes him go splat.
    Syrup Drip soggs down the Sideburn.
    Awkward Facial Hair makes Hugs uncomfortable.
    And in the rebattle, Babbydawg guets hugged… TO PEICES.

    • thewood

      That was absolutely brilliant.

    • Llufetsat


  • Reiken

    aww…no Island Man? No man is an island, except for Island Man!