Rare Weapons [ COMIC ]

Thanks to an extremely helpful tip from Saborlas, I have completed the beginning and middle trial parts of the Trial of the Sword DLC. With Daylight Saving ending this weekend, I might attempt to complete the final trial this weekend. I need to hurry, as the Champions’ Ballad DLC comes out next month and I want to complete it before then.

source: Twitter


  • Lazy Commander

    Yeah this looks like a sword that would break at any momment.

  • Anonymouse

    As someone who completed the Trial of the Sword with only one hint, I advise 2 things:
    1) collect all the wood possible and cook it one bundle at a time (didn’t know you could do that until I got REALLY LOW ON HEARTS), each rock-hard plate recovers .25 heart.
    2) take as much time as you want/can on each room (it does mean that a run can take hours, but better than having to redo everything up until that point)
    Bonus: Sheathing/unsheathing a fire weapon repeatedly near a meltable icicle works great, speeds the melting process, doesn’t waste arrows, and wastes no durability on said weapon (the one hint I got from the internet).