Punching Hag [ COMIC ]

I believe that Harvey didn’t even know she was buying an N-Gage 2 for her grandson. All he saw was the stupid hat.

Honestly, I could have replaced “N-Gage 2” for “Lair” or “Bullet Witch” or even “American Girl: Kit Mystery Challenge!” and the comic still would have made sense. But for some reason the N-Gage is one of those video game things that always rubbed me wrong. It seemed like it was built by someone who knew someone else who played video games. And the only person I could ever remember hearing bought an N-Gage was Greg Dean. But he’s cool. So I can forgive him.

Seriously, though, cellphone games are meant to just keep you busy while you’re in the car waiting for someone to come out of a store. If you’re looking for something more indepth pick up a Nintendo DS or PSP.

Side note, a lot of you have been asking me to use Harvey and Jeremy more in the comic… no love for Jon Shelf, though. I put Jeremy in the Square Peg, Round Hole comic last month. And I felt it was time to put Harvey in something. Also, I’m working on updating their look some, but still feeling like the original characters. Examples: Harvey’s first appearance versus today’s comic… Jeremy’s first appearance versus his latest appearance. This should also open the door for some newer types of comics… especially after I finally get a Cintiq 12WX. Did you know that if just 3% of the people who are going to visit this site today… JUST TODAY donated just $1USD I would have enough money to buy the Cintiq this weekend. I shit you not… it’s just that easy.

[Edit Thurs. 10:27PM] News about Cintiq yet to come…

[Edit Fri. 2:04PM] Ordered the Cintiq. Should be here Monday or Tuesday.