PS4 vs. Nintendo Switch [ COMIC ]

As a parent, I can see why Nintendo’s marketing is for the Nintendo Switch was not geared directly towards younger audiences. I actually see the success of this console to resting on the shoulders of the key 18-24 demographic and parents.

Younger casual gamers have smartphones and tablets for gamer, that’s enough for them. Hardcore gamers, both younger and older, have PCs. I think this console will need to succeed with the previously mentioned audiences, before it can spread its reach elsewhere.

I showed my daughters the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, a few days ago. The console itself, did not wow them. They did like seeing the new Legend of Zelda, Mario and Splatoon featured in it. Supposedly the console is going to have a brand new Pokémon during its launch window, too. Those things sell well. Maybe that will help appeal to the younger demographics, too.

Regardless, do you want to see the next console I want to buy? It’s the AVS by retroUSB. I’ve been contemplating buy an XRGB-mini Framemeister for a while now, but this is a cheaper/more robust alternative. Maybe for Christmas.

source: LOLNEIN