Professor Layton’s Special Puzzles

Professor Layton's Special PuzzlesProfessor Layton's Special Puzzles

Professor Layton’s Special Puzzles

by Steve Napierski to Comics

Well, the Professor did warn you you delightful, mischievous scamp.

source: deviantART
  • PorkRoll


  • nicktwolf

    I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair

  • Dr Brain

    have to say though, the Prof’s pretty jacked. Good on ya, Layton!

  • 2910

    its like in the game. touch everything you see and hope for the moneyshot. ^_^

  • UndeadLex

    Ha, piece of cake.

  • Star

    And there goes Luke’s chance of ever keeping a childhood.

    Yet I feel that Layton’s an impostor. He looks a lot like Lupin from Lupin the third

    • X_Intolerable_X

      As opposed to Lupin from Lupin the second?

      • Star

        Either way, that’s no Layton.

    • Undrave

      Yeah he’s way too casual about dropping his hat!

  • Perky Emo

    Poor kid. XD