Problem with Being a Gamer [ COMIC ]

My daughters already love Animal Crossing. So I am covered.

If fact, every week at least one of them mentions that Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is coming out for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS on September 25th. Seriously, they go out of their way to specify its exact date.


  • Halrawk

    Tekken 3 had Volleyball, that was honestly one of the best, unexpected, bonus modes for a fighting game.

    • Doopliss_SWE

      Tekken Tag 2 for Wii U also has that mode, it’s pretty sweet.

  • Freezer

    There’s also Harvest Moon, if his girls have the patience.

  • Anonymous

    The foundation of pretty much any compelling storytelling is conflict. This can be man vs man, but also say, man vs environment. It gives the tale a sense of direction, purpose, objective. The story is motion towards resolution.

    Some sort of oppressor antagonist and martial conflict lend themselves very quickly to interactive stories when you want them dragged out and engaging, and want character immersion with the protagonist/avatar.