Princess and the Plumbers [ COMIC ]

Dear Nintendo,

Someone at your company needs to contact someone at Cartoon Network and discuss adding Finn, as a payable character, to either a current or future installment of Super Mario Bros.. This makes sense, will garner you new customers, and will also be major news in the gaming industry. Just think about it.

~Dueling Analogs


  • Jarntazecht

    You know you’ve watched too much Adventure Time when you can not only read the comic in all their voices, simulate the comedic timing in your head, and even see the nonexistent animation!

  • Painstream

    Blugh. Can we get some quality around here?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they’re looking to attract the pot-smoking demographic.

  • Roam85

    His power ups are shrooms and leaves and he travels everywhere via pipes.

    If Mario is not looking to attract that demographic he’s been doing it all wrong.