Pretty Much… [ COMIC ]

It really is pretty crazy to think how expensive our phones are in comparison to actual basic necessities of life (ie. food, clothing and shelter). I guess that’s why I am still sporting an iPhone 3GS, I kid you not.

source: Sleep draw


  • purplefantum

    “I guess that’s why I am still sporting an iPhone 3GS” Wow, first world problem much, I can’t afford ANY mobile devices… people are spoilt these days, don’t even see the big apeal in them tbh.

    • I got my iPhone 3GS back when I had service with AT&T and it was “free.” I now use it on another pay-as-you-go service that is not tethered to any sort of contract.

    • Harui

      I agree. I don’t have a smartphone, either. Just some hand-me-down from Dad that’s several years old, and it suits me fine. I don’t understand the need for all the fancy stuff on the phone either. I’ve got a computer for that.

  • Kaye

    I recently got a Galaxy S5 when it was time to renew my contract with AT&T, and I accidentally dropped it on some gravel a week after I got it. Easily spiderwebbed, and the drop wasn’t more than 2 feet.

  • Sammer

    … or get a Nexus 5 for much less and be happy.

  • Halrawk

    I wish I paid that little for rent! The city I live in, no way you can get any place for the price of an iPhone, it’s way more :(

  • Sky Render

    I wish I still had a flip-phone, honestly. The added functionality of even the cheap little smartphone I have is completely unused. It’s a phone, I use it for phone calls. I have a laptop and handheld gaming devices for everything else, and they’re a billion times easier to use than trying to do anything but make phone calls on a smartphone is.

  • meh

    My rent is $1200 a month so… Uh… Yeah, no.

  • Brian Gundersen

    NY rent is like 2-3 phones.