Pretty Flower [ COMIC ]

I never use silent princesses, in Breath of the Wild, but if I come near one I will most definitely pick it up. I think I have almost seven hundred of them in my inventory, at the moment. I could it wrong. It could be more.

source: Bendan Ninja


  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    you can … if you go to zelda’s room in hyrule castle you can see presumably that same flower growing in a pot on her desk and you can take it

  • Cody Shiranai

    Silent Princess is an easy source of White dye for clothes, but other than that and the one thing that needs it for upgrades, not sure what else you would use it for. Though, I do dye a LOT of my clothes and you have to spend 5 each to “change your mind” and redye something else and I mix and match. My main outfit is the Sheikah Gear (because I am constantly sneaking to grab insects and critters) with Red Mask, and white top and bottom. Black is the harder color since the things that are black you might not want to use or have enough.