Preparation H20 [ COMIC ]

A wave of bad memories and emotions wash over me whenever I think about the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. It’s like being in a bad relationship. You hope when you give it a second chance that it will be better than the last time, but it never is…it never is…

source: ChaosLife


  • Darchias

    The puzzles! Oh the puzzles. They were some of the more fiendish ones in the game, though admittedly when compared to the earlier Zelda titles they were easy. The only thing that confused me was why people thought Morpha was so hard, I beat it on my first try first time I fought him. Oddly, when I went back years later and played through again, I had difficulty.

    • H3xx

      If you knew how to use Z-target effectively, then Morpha was a cake walk. The only time I ever took damage was when accidentally backed into the spiked walls.

  • Nobody

    I found the hardest part of the water temple was just getting up the ramp to the boss because of the blades running across it and the fact you slid down if hit.

  • sgotsch

    On the 3DS its easy to find the path since the 3 spots to change the water level are marked with different colors… Morpha isnt hard, too.
    I like the Water Temple. :>

  • Jimmy T

    The only hard part is that one room everyone forgets about/doesn’t see that has the one key they need to solve everything. That and changing the water level becomes tedious.

  • yue

    Funny how whenever I replay that damn temple, I alway forget everything I knew.

  • Triaxx2

    Nah, water temple was easy. Everyone forgets the spare key under the central tower. Raise the water to level 2, then drop down and there’s a hole under the floating platform with another key.

    The rest of it was just figuring out the solution. The ramp at the end is simple enough. Walk along the walls to the left or right. Straight is fast, walking into the wall will slow or stop you so the blades can go past.

  • Tustin2121

    Not sure what the big deal with the water temple was. I liked it, because its water, and I like doing water levels. Swimming around is fun (as long as you don’t have to come up for air a lot – see Banjo Tooie’s pirate level, and also Atlantas in KH1 (which I was really mad they made into a music mini game in KH2)). :D

  • Blip

    First time I played OoT, I was stuck for 12 hours(!) in the Water Temple, almost overheating a first-gen N64. Until I got the “hint” while changing the water height. The hardest part in that temple was “the shadow” – after that, simple.

    If they really toned that down in the 3DS version… oh well. Still an awesome game. Wish this one would be ported for the WiiU rather than Windwaker. But then again, if Windwaker get’s add ons (more dungeons!!!!) and a less stupid “Tingle transcription” mode… then I’m all game and hope that there is still a port. Just remove the 3D, use the touchpad and a Pro Controller – done.

  • The Water temple wasn’t so bad… the 12th time through the game.

  • Xuncu

    “Water Temple is a nightmare.”
    All I hear is “Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch bitchbitchbitch biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!”

  • Xuncu

    I fight Dark Link with Sword Only….. the Broken Medigoron Sword.