Preconceived Potion [ COMIC ]

Somethings are better off remaining a secret to everybody.

source: The GaMERCaT


  • Sai

    What about Magic Potions? What are those made of?

    • Kaci

      that’s where Navi went

      • Stan

        No way, Navi makes blue potions. The green potions are Tingle juice!

        • Jared

          Eeeewww… “Tingle Juice”…

          • PrinceJonathan

            It’s Kooloo Limpah-licious!

          • TecXero

            @PrinceJonathan You sir just made my week.

    • DirtyGlasses

      With pixies lol

  • Drackmore

    So what ever happened to Chus?