Power Pellet Problems

Power Pellet Problems

Power Pellet Problems

by Steve Napierski to Comics

Ever wonder how many calories are actually in one of those pellets (“Wafers for the Atari 2600 generation, true believers!” – Stan)? Of course you haven’t, but think about it. There is no amount of “running” that Pac-Man could do around those mazes to burn off all the calories he consumes from eating something one sixty-fourth his size.

Let’s rationalize this ridiculous discussion. There are approximately 240 pellets in every maze. So if Pac-Man completes a level he has eaten 3.75 his size in pellets. This does not include the four power pellets that combined are almost the same size as Pac-Man or the ghosts that are the same size as Pac-Man and that if planned properly could be consumed four times each in every level. So in an ideal, or more correctly an UN-ideal, situation Pac-Man could consume an average of over twenty times his own size in food on any given level. IN…SANE!

  • bidoopoo

    Maybe they’re like those biodegradable packing peanuts, it’s not a great idea to eat them but they have no calories and eating them won’t hurt you.

    They will fill you up pretty quickly so there is that.

  • Wryy

    I always thought that the ‘score’ was counting the callories for you. :|