Possible Future Suit Ideas for Mario [ COMIC ]

If these are still considered potential suit options, just thing about the rejected ones.

source: deviantART


  • 21michael

    Not sure, but don’t they already have the block suit in Super Mario 3D Land? But awesome costumes, the birthday suit could be interesting :P

    • Yeah, there was the coin box head.

      Not exactly the same thing, but I see your point.

      • Jarrett

        They kind of have one in Super Mario 3D, except you don’t stick your head out of the top, where there’s a propeller to let you fly around.

  • Rizenel

    I can see the birthday suit being some form of invincibility or one-hit KO thing. Kinda like the bomb item on Sonic Adventure that destroys all enemies on screen.

  • PrinceJonathan

    Why does Mario only have three toes? I can deal with cartoon characters having four fingers, but three toes?!?
    No wonder Peach doesn’t put out. I wouldn’t want mutant three-toed children either, unless they grew up to be Ninja Turtles.

  • Nemo

    What about a Gundam Suit?