Pokémon – U.S. History Edition [ COMIC ]

On certain parts of the internet, this comic would be the kindling for a huge debate about the true nature of the relationship between a Pokémon and its masterownertrainer? Not here though, no we’re much more levelheaded than that on Dueling Analogs, right?

source: WIS


  • Shiratzu

    The oddest part about this comic is that it brings up memories of people getting offended by Jynx, as she is seen by many to be a blackface-styled Pokemon.

  • Tokoshoran

    But the starter pokemon is always said to become great friends with the trainer… It would never abandon you!

    • ENDG4MER

      The government doesn’t care. They expect you to abide by the law even if the captivity is consentual.

      • Sensei Le Roof

        Is it captivity if it’s voluntary?

        • Xuncu

          Well, what’s pet ownership? Granted, we don’t make them fight to the death (except for Micheal Vic…)– nevermind those attention whores at PETA— but what is it, when the animal species in question would not even exist if humans hadn’t bred them for so long, they’ve been modified through selective breeding, on the genetic level. (fyi/tl;dr: every plant and animal nearly every human is routinely familiar with is, by definition, “GMO”)

          As for Pokemon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjnPyGFYKrI
          Summary: The games heavily imply that humans are a form of Pokemon.

          That while Pokemon can damn near (and in the case of Arceus, flat out DID) re-write reality, as exotic energy converters, they allow themselves to be captured and trained because humans are crazy-good at thinking, planning, coming up with ideas, and adapting to situations. Brains WITH brawn, improving their chance at survival.

          Like how in Evangelion, the other Angels, from Adam, have the “fruit of life” gift, the S2 Engines, which give them all those powers out of sheer strength, while Humans (Lilith’s Angels) have the “fruit of knowledge” gift, and won every battle. The backstory is that the alien race that made the Adam and Lilith seeds and spread them around the galaxy never planned for both an Adam and Lilith to land on the same planet– because if one species got both… well, exactly what happened in the movies would occur. Imagine what would happen if it occurred, but the human mind was able to keep control of that power?

          Or, in a scaled down version: Exactly what Pokemon does.

  • Hippo

    Alternate ending, he uses an assassin instead of pokemon.

    • Anonymous

      That was what I thought was going to happen when I saw Lincoln.