Pokémon Creation Station [ COMIC ]

Minifridger evolves into Infridgerator who, with the help of ice rock, evolves in Walkenfreezor. This is the Pokémon we have all been wishing for. Hopefully, it will one day become a reality. I’m looking at you, Generation VII.


  • Kal


    • I’m a poke-lover, not a poke-hater. I always choose the ridiculous Pokemon. Trubbish and Vanillite were both in my permanent team last gen. I lerrrv it!

  • MoonOwl

    Idea for generation VII:

    Name: Skyris
    Type: Plant/Fairy
    Ability: Tears of Sorrow. When Skyris is hit by Steel-Type attacks, all other Pokemon in your party get an attack and sp. attack boost, but their accuracy goes down.

  • jnite

    Woman on the left: “I have got to find a new job.”

  • WorMzy

    Walkenfreezor better be some sort of Christopher Walken pokemon

  • Z2

    Sooo… There’s already a refrigerator pokemon. Since the FOURTH generation. Satire really CAN’T compete with reality anymore.


  • Gamer5020

    I tough Rotom was a refrigerator

  • Triaxx2

    And of course the Mega Evolution of Walkenfreezor is ChristopherWalkenfreezor.

  • Ishbane

    Because a small violet rat, a brown rat (whoa!), a violet snake, a bitg violet snake, a pokéball with eyes, a brown pidgeon, some sludge and many more are sooo much more original.

  • Kintrex

    You can criticize the simple designs all you want, but I fucking love Doublade. It’s just two swords! The best Pokemon ever!