PokéMemories [ COMIC ]

Personally, my first memory of Pokémon was when I was working at FuncoLand and kids were coming all the time looking for used copies of Pokémon Red and Blue. I remember this one time we actually had one in stock (an extremely rare occasion) and this kid asked if he could trade with Pokémon with the game, but not buy it.

Side note, I find it funny that I keep calling these people kids and most of them are probably in their late twenties/early thirties now.

So what’s your first Pokémon memory?


  • BigLord

    Waking up early to see a Saturday morning cartoon, as on all saturdays, and the first one was Pokémon.

    I had no idea of what was happening but I liked it!
    (the cartoon and the games arrived to my country at the exact same time)

  • Zero

    Returned from a two week vacation in August, Late 90s, Found a Pokemon tape in the mail, Apparently they sent out promo tapes about what Pokemon was about right before its release in the states. Got hooked on the idea of capturing virtual monsters. Played Red, and I’m still playing today.

  • Phaelin

    Sitting in the gym in elementary school and a couple of kids showing off the cards they had.

    It wasn’t long before I had a giant binder full of cards. None of us ever understood how to play the game, though we tried; we were all collecting and trading. Loved the video games, loved the show. It’s easy to underestimate what a large part of my childhood Pokemon was.

  • I was reading Nintendo Power and they had an article about… I guess the Tokyo Game Show? Or maybe just about games they have Japan but not in the US or something. I don’t know. Anyway, one of the games they talked about was Pocket Monsters (which is what “Pokémon” is short for, of course). I remember one of the screenshots had Voltorb in it, and I thought, “A monster that looks like ball? I’m gonna use that one! No one would expect a ball to win!” For good reason, by the way. Voltorb kinda sucks.

  • IG84

    It was GamePro Issue #121. I was in high school at the time and I was big on drawing fighting game characters in my art class. That issue of GamePro had SoulCalibur and Rival Schools pictures, so I picked it up. It also had a few pages on a new game coming out called “Pokemon.” One thing that stuck out to me was a part of the article that compared Pokemon to Tamagochi or Giga Pets.

    “Tamagochi are finite. They can die. Pokemon last as long as you do.”

    For some reason, that stuck with me and made me want to check out the game. (I didn’t get the game until a few weeks later, so my first Pokemon merchandise purchase was one of those little clear bouncy rubber balls with a little figurine of Pikachu in it.) Then I started watching the anime. I was hooked.