Point Blanka [ COMIC ]

That’s Blanka for you. When he’s not destroying cars he’s helping make them run.

source: deviantART


  • PrinceJonathan

    *wikis Blanka’s origins because he’s not familiar with the character, never knew he had electric powers*

    Real name is Jimmy, involved in a plane crash when he was a kid, raised in the wild, mutated by electric eels…dafuq!?

    *continues reading*

    Other sources say his power came from an electrical storm that caused the crash…really?


    The SNES Manuel for SF:II says he learned the ability, really?!! Alright now they’re just being stupid.

    Blanka is trying to learn Thunderbolt, but Blanka can only learn four moves.
    (Walk Upright, Good Manners, Wear Shirt, Normal Speech),

    I don’t know those were the only four I could come up with.

    He’s George of the Jungle crossed with a Pikachu…actually that’s kinda neat.