Playing Video Games… [ COMIC ]

I find this comic to be inaccurate. Granted the first set of panels looks correct, but in the second set it suggests that most adults actually have time to play video games. Seems a little far-fetched, if you ask me.

source: DOGHOUSE


  • A_Rite

    Steve, you’re so insensitive ;)
    How could you forget that unemployed adults with Humble Bundles and free titles still exist?

  • Dirrus

    Also, in the second set of panels, the controller is WIRED…though I guess that could just be a charge cable….

  • JulieR

    Totally inaccurate. As an adult, both sleep and gaming cannot take place in the same 24 hour period; you have to sacrifice one for the other.

    Of course, if he had literally just picked up the controller, then this premise might work…

  • Alexander

    The fact that adults DON’T have time to play video games warrants that “Aww man!” all the more, IMO. I mean, why would you want to STOP knowing that it could be DAYS before you get to start again? That would suck a LOT more than “I have to wait until tomorrow morning” to me.

  • Annales

    I cried…