Pay it Forward [ COMIC ]

With my wife, anything to do with spiders freaks her out and she makes sure to share it with anyone. Following video is case in point.

OMG ! That ain’t no patch of grass!!!!!!

Me? I share very little on my social media sites. I’m not the same person that I used to be when I first started Dueling Analogs. Back then, I didn’t care what I made or who I shared it with. Having kids has seriously mellowed me out a lot.

I actually made a comic yesterday and posted it to my Twitter feed. I made sure to remove the repost of it from my Facebook account, as not to offend a bunch of my friends from high school whom are devout Christians and might not find it funny (I didn’t care about my friends who were not devout Christians, but still wouldn’t have found it funny).

This is not saying that comics like this are not in my ability to think of or create anymore. It just means I might be a little more hesitant before I actually make them.

In conclusion, my last three paragraphs have nothing to do with the comic at hand. Thank you for your time.