Parental Issues [ COMIC ]

It was only The Game of Life! No, seriously…Friday was my daughters’ last day of school, before summer. My oldest said she was taking The Game of Life to school, since they were playing board games in the classroom that day. I was hesitant, because I didn’t want any of the pieces to not make it home. She informed me that she had already brought the game to school last year, too. That made me wonder if all the pieces made it home last year. True story.

source: Semi Co-op


  • Frankie D.

    Does it really matter with Game of Life?

  • Noblood

    Children have a hidden destructive force. I’ve let my nieces and nephews watch something on the PS4 and when I came back, one of the controllers “shell” on the grip is stuck out of place.

    Once I came back to find the D-Pad on my Wii U controller all sticky and stiff.

    I’ll never let them anywhere near a Nintendo Switch if I buy one… that thing is fragile.