One Electrode, Coming Up! [ COMIC ]

In the world of Pokémon, you either evolve or you don’t.

Voltorb Evolves into ElectrodeVoltorb Evolves into Electrode

That’s about it. Really not that dire if you chose not to evolve. Your call. Sometimes it cool to keep them small. Personally, I never evolved my Bulbasaur from my copy of Pokémon Red. I just wuved him so very much! Yes, I did…

And always remember, a Voltorb is not a regulation Poké ball.

source: Unknown


  • Andresalejo

    I miss your original comics man, can you make one pls, i really one to see one again

    • Mygaffer

      I think he must have run out of ideas… or else linking to other people’s content is easier and drives just as much traffic…

  • Jnite

    So I guess this means every time it rolls it evolves and de-evolves over and over again.