Once Boo Twice Shy [ COMIC ]

Dating is never easy, especially when it comes to socially awkward video game characters.


  • Phaelin
  • PrinceJonathan

    Ok a few things that bug me. When the Boo is grooming herself in the mirror shouldn’t she be frozen because whenever something looks at a Boo they freeze and she’s looking at herself? Like those angel things from Doctor Who.

    Also why doesn’t she have a reflection? Is she a Vampire Boo?

    And does dating a Boo count as necrophilia?

    • Triaxx2

      Ah, but no reflection means she’s not look at herself so she’s not freezing. Which begs the question, how can she see what she’s doing if she can’t see in the mirror.

    • X_Intolerable_X

      I thought necrophilia was when you’re attracted to dead bodies, not ghosts / spirits.

      • PrinceJonathan

        So…ectoplasmophilia then? Looking at ectoplasm in the Elder Scrolls I bet it’d make great lube…EctoGlide.

  • Nemo

    got to admit, that’s kinda cute.