Oh, the Places Wii U Go! [ COMIC ]


I’ve never been a gritty realism sort of gamer. I’ve always gravitated towards plaformers and Japanese RPGs. Those games don’t usually pride themselves on showing how graphic war/life “truly” is and that’s okay.

For example, right now I am playing Rogue Galaxy. There is a purple toad in the game named Toady who when fed two weapons of the same variety can synthesis them in his mouth into a new weapon. That’s the type of surrealism that I find fun in game. Another example is a game I have waiting in the wing, when I get a chance, Chu♥lip. That you can research yourself if you’re want more information, but let’s just say it’s nontraditional.

Nonetheless, this is what kind of gamer I am. Doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy Batman: Arkham City or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it just means I gravitate towards the surreal and silly over the dark and gritty. There’s a limitless palette of colors in the spectrum, I actually like my video games to use them.