Oh! My car… [ COMIC ]

Rumor has it that Super Street Fighter IV will have the car breaking and barrel busting mini-stages from the original Street Fighter II added into it [source]. No complaints here. Loved the car stage. Not so much the barrel one though. Depending on which character you were using that one could be a bitch. You could always cheese the car stage with Blanka or E. Honda, though.

Update: It’s confirmed that the car-bashing bonus stage will return in Super Street Fighter IV.

See Benny the Cab from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ is in this comic? Reminds me that I want to mention two things relating to the ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ product. One, read the book the movie is based on: ‘Who Censored Roger Rabbit?’. It has Roger, Baby Herman, Eddie Valiant and Jessica Rabbit in it and that’s about where the similarities between the two end. Much darker story and has a pulp detective feel to it. Definitely worth the read. Second, Robert Zemeckis has confirmed that he is working on a Roger Rabbit sequel and that the original screenwriters are working on a script. [source]. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. Zemeckis has a major hard-on for the CGI motion capture thing now. Not sure if he might try using that instead of live actors. Just wouldn’t have the same feel. Your opinion?

Nonetheless, I’m done for the week. I will be at Nekocon, my last convention of the year, this weekend. So if you’re going to be in the Tidewater/Hampton Roads area of Virginia drop by and say, “Hi!” Otherwise, I’ll talk you next week.