Offensive Context [ COMIC ]

I’m not trying to weigh in on any specific issue here, I just want to point out something that has always annoyed me: being offended is a personal problem. There is no litmus test for what is or isn’t offensive.

For example, some people may find two women kissing offensive while others may not. That’s because it’s not something that can be defined as an absolute, but by a personal opinion formulated from one’s own experiences, knowledge and beliefs.

All I ask is that you keep that in mind next time someone calls something “offensive.” With all that said, the last panel still makes me laugh every time.

source: Meme Center


  • strangelove

    Alternate ending, NSFW: “don’t be a dick!”

  • Sky Render

    The first thing one should do when feeling offended is ask themselves why. The next thing they should do is assess the reasons for that “why” and figure out if they’re offended for reasons that are selfish or pointless. It becomes very hard to be offended when you realize that most of the things you’re offended about stem from what amounts to “that was how I was brought up and I don’t want to expand my horizons”.

    Not to say that all things people get offended at are personal. Sometimes it’s just a perfectly sensible response to a persistent social injustice. A shame that getting offended doesn’t really address the underlying social issue (let alone convince the offending party that it’s a problem), thus it’s ultimately a pretty pointless gesture the majority of the time.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      It’s not really an issue of being offended, it’s an issue of whether or not by using a certain form of communication, you’re creating a culture that is derogatory towards certain subgroups.

      You can argue that “Gamers aren’t terrible to women” or “Gamers are terrible to women, but not because we say ‘you play like a girl'” of course, but that’s an entirely different argument.

      Part of why I’m not 100% sure this comic “works” on that level (until, you know, the final part-which is just silly) is that I don’t think that there’s a culture of derogatory commentary to the blind that has evolved from the usage of “are you fucking blind?” Are you fucking blind is used to suggest someone does not see something obvious, when they should because they’re NOT blind. On the other hand, the blind are, well, blind; we don’t blame them for being blind, and understand that’s the place they’re in.

      Or maybe there’s a huge culture of derogatory commentary towards the blind I’m not familiar with.

      As for assholes, well, assholes USUALLY aren’t anthropomorphic.

      • Falos

        “I don’t think that there’s a culture of derogatory commentary to the blind”

        This seemed a genuine message to you? You were worried the cartoonist sincerely tried to posit this?

        If there was such an oppressive culture victimizing them, their SJWs would make sure we knew about it, and the things we were all retroactively guilty of.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    “Are you fucking blind” certainly is derogatory to the blind.

    “You are blind to the issue of X” on the other hand isn’t.

    Too bad she used the first. Oh no!

    • Anarius

      There isn’t anything derogatory in the sentence “Are you fucking blind!?” As you said in your original post, “Are you fucking blind!?” is used to suggest someone does not see something obvious, when they should because they’re NOT blind. In no way does this contribute to a culture of marginalization. If you are assuming offense due the use of the word “fucking” as an intensifier, that doesn’t bolster your point.

      • TheyCallMeTomu

        I’m just trying to give the blind guy the benefit of the doubt.

        Can’t you see what’s going on here?

        I’ll escort myself out.

      • Blinky

        It can be argued that you’re implying that being blind makes one less of a person by asking the question of a non-blind person. “Ableism” and whatnot.

        Of course, the people who argue this are fucking retarded.

  • Triaxx2

    I suppose it speaks to the caliber of female gamers I play with, but I’ve always used it as a compliment.

  • Xuncu

    All I’ll say is that Big Red up there has the temperament (and face) of someone who’s been sliding face-first down a window pane their entire life.

  • Blip

    #gamergate summed up?