Nothing to Report [ COMIC ]

I guess there was actually stuff that happened in the gaming world this week. Just not anything big enough for me to care. Now if it was next Tuesday when Left 4 Dead 2 comes out then yes, something interesting would have happened in the gaming community. But otherwise, eh…

Disagree? You know how to comment.

Speaking of next Tuesday, did you know that’s the four year anniversary of Dueling Analogs? Yup, November 15, 2005 is when this little webcomic first launched. Four hundred twenty one “comics” later, here we are. Nonetheless, I’ve got some big stuff planned for next week so definitely make sure to be back here on Monday.

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See you Monday!


  • Chris

    three words: MODERN WARFARE 2! Jeeze!

  • Never got into the whole Call of Duty series. Just doesn’t appeal to me. Besides any Call of Duty joke that could be made has pretty much already been made either based on that game or countless others in the genre.

  • The Anarchyz

    Well, the Modern Warfare series is not the traditional WW2 Call of Duty, and if MW2 is not interesting to you, at least it must interest you the sales it got as a topic… the preliminary data shows that MW2 is breaking all records, it sold 7 million on the first day, on the 360 alone is selling close to 3.9 million, it’s beating Halo 3 numbers and GTA4 in all platforms really fast…

    That’s a topic worthy of discussion

  • Zok Wobblefotz

    Discussion, yes. Comic? Not really..

  • @Zok Wobblefotz I concur.

  • mikeszekely

    Since when do you only do comics about gaming news? I mean, whatever happened to characters like the Sony gnome? At the very least, you couldn’t do a comic about how Dragon Age is the best game since the last time Bioware came out with a game?

    Not that I don’t appreciate the poo coil in the last panel…

  • AverageGamer

    Dragon Age! Tubs of blood, a dog who gets powered up by peeing on landmarks, as much text as the main story of Oblivion. That last part was okay, but it helped with immersion. Then a guy selling crap at your camp says, “Help my family. Please download the extra content to take this quest.” *Sigh*

  • Mechaninja

    Question: You do realize that next tuesday is the 17th, yes? Second Question: I only know this because that’s when Assassin’s Creed 2 is releasing!! ….So, gonna do anything on that?

  • BlackSash

    Serious Sam HD! Came out yesterday and is the same gorefest as SS:TFE but with twice the eyecandy!

  • Ophenix

    Torchlight is awesome…

  • Phaelin

    Not to mention, Microsoft is planning to ban close to 1 million XBOX Live members for modding their consoles.

  • If you get the hardened or prestige edition of MW2 you get a voucher for the original COD game.

  • A.L.

    Yeh,I can’t really get into Call of Duty,in fact I have trouble trying to get into FPS altogether,but that’s mostly because I’m not too good at them.Still,I think many of them get more hype than they deserve.

    Plus,I think everyone here just gave you a ton of ideas,you should roll with some of those like do a extra comic for next week or something.

  • Rockslyde

    So my question is, is that pile of dung, kinda like the Zapper over at GU.?

  • Is it just me, or does that pile of poo have a belly button?

  • DittoToo

    I would suggest something regarding the airport scene from MW2

  • Randybabay

    like some people said you could of made a comic on the airport scene alone, and now fox news got there nose in it too, gold, and xbox 1 million banning…me think some one is lazy lol j/k..hes a idea you can have some MW2 soldiers or terrorist go to people home and shot the modders/hacker/pirates that are getting ban, and have like a news headline like Microsoft go to extreme measure in there xbox live purge lol

  • Mark

    Um, yeah, seriously… Dragon Age and Modern Warfare 2. You been living under a rock or what?

  • Xegony42

    WM2 will always be MechWarrior II for me :)

    Speaking of. They need to release the MechWarrior reboot release date, I’ve not had my 200ft tall robots that shoot lazerbeams out of their eyes fix in years :(

  • charizard117

    You could do something on new super mario bros. wii.

  • TalenX

    You want gaming news? How about how MS banned a 600,000 – 1 Mil XBoxes for allegedly using modded equipment? Of course they won’t tell you how they know, nor is there any appeal process. Customer support is telling people tough luck and dumping the calls. You have to buy a new system since the ban is based on the hardware address of the unit.

    In related news, Gamestop and EBay are now flooded with used 360s.

  • heh

    You don’t have to make a MW2 comic, but having a comic about how “nothing interesting is going on in the gaming world” is pretty weird this week! :P

  • Vangar

    What about Tekken 6? You could make a joke about how Lloyd looks just like Lance from Pokemon.

  • Telruya

    Heh, we have the NEoN festival here in Scotland with people like Bud Luckey and Crackdown 2 Demos, poor you.

  • haddydrow

    Dudes, you forget the new Kingdom Hearts game!

  • RawkHawk

    Y’know, you could always… do a gaming comic about some older game? While being topical about current events is nice, it isn’t always necessary. This comic just screams of laziness, but not as much as your usual console comics, at least. Try harder, please.

  • IstenSerpenyoje

    I kind of read the comic differently – that it was a sarcastic jab at the sheer amount of media attention MW2 has been getting… or maybe I’m reading too much into it.

  • Kalgalath

    Left 4 Dead 2…. I’m so looking forward to picking up my pre-ordered copy and pwning some zombies.

    LordKalgalath is my gamertag, if any of you see me online ^.^

  • Zombat

    “IstenSerpenyoje says:
    November 13, 2009 at 7:48 pm
    I kind of read the comic differently – that it was a sarcastic jab at the sheer amount of media attention MW2 has been getting… or maybe I’m reading too much into it.”

    Congrats, you’re about the only person who’s posted so far that actually has a brain.

  • Loki Fenrisulf IV

    I know it’s a lot late, but you remember Tales of the Future Consoles ( Remember the Wii2 and it’s ball controler?
    Believe it or not, there’s actually a controler like it being made.
    The name is Blobo, and it’ll be released in Finland with 6 pc games. Probably will be released this December.

  • Yeah, it was nearly impossible to go to any gaming website this week without seeing something about Modern Warfare 2.

  • @Isten

    Finally, someone who got it (apparently), lol.

  • Andystealth

    Borderlands. i dare you to play it.

    if you like Left 4 Dead. you will most likely like this game just as much.