Nothing to Report [ COMIC ]

I guess there was actually stuff that happened in the gaming world this week. Just not anything big enough for me to care. Now if it was next Tuesday when Left 4 Dead 2 comes out then yes, something interesting would have happened in the gaming community. But otherwise, eh…

Disagree? You know how to comment.

Speaking of next Tuesday, did you know that’s the four year anniversary of Dueling Analogs? Yup, November 15, 2005 is when this little webcomic first launched. Four hundred twenty one “comics” later, here we are. Nonetheless, I’ve got some big stuff planned for next week so definitely make sure to be back here on Monday.

Also, don’t forget that between now and Christmas you can save 20% off of your purchase cost at by entering the code “HOLIDAY” at checkout.

See you Monday!