Not for the Fainted of Heart [ COMIC ]

And this is why you cannot catch a Pokémon after it has fainted.

source: deviantART


  • PrinceJonathan

    First wild Pokemon battle…how could I forget 3-4 rounds of nothing but Scratch & Tackle, and then having to run all the way back to Mom’s house or the nearest Pokemon Center because a goddamn LV3 Pidgey brought my LV6 Charmander into the red, WTF!

    Now the first wild Pokemon battle after my starter learns it’s first STAB move, BOOYA. Suddenly I’m KOing things in one hit. Caterpies open the fight with String Shot, FREE EXP HA-HA! Annoying Metapods using Harden till I’m only doing 1 damage per Tackle, EAT HOT EMBER!!!

  • Alastor

    Dude I would have killed to find a scyther as my second wild encounter.

    • Darchias

      You would have died by having a Scyther as your second wild encounter anyway, so it balances out.

  • Huh, that’s a damn good question. Esepcially if yu’re using the very gods themselvs, commanding them to use reality-warping megaspells on critters that usually only require bug spray or weed-b-gone to get rid of.

  • Nemo

    So no Fried Pidgey for dinner then huh?