Non-Regulation Poké Balls (6 of 6) [ COMIC ]

This is the final installment of the Non-Regulation Poké Balls. I would have simply let the theme quietly die before this, but I was inspired by the latest Friday 4Koma to create just one more. The pun of ‘Haro Ball’ was just too bad to pass up.


  • Sparanda

    Monkey ball…
    Ha. I get it.

  • airos

    Why are you calling the donut ball a rice ball?

    • Anonymous

      Google “onigiri” or “rice ball”.

      • Nobody

        I think he was making fun of 4kids censorship of foreign cultures in the US release of Pokemon. They called rice balls donuts.

        • Phaelin

          I could never figure out why those “jelly-filled donuts” looked so weird as a kid.

        • Ryu

          That’s a pretty shitty thing for 4Kids to do… I always thought it was some weird concept, like it was a desert rice-ball so they were calling it a donut.

          • Lost

            its not even some of the worth stuff 4Kids did… the removed a black guy and replaced guns with cork pop guns.. its somewhat sad… that they would even do that….

          • anima

            yugioh invisible guns and anyone who dies goes to the “shadow realm” goodness knows we dont want kids to have to acknowledge death exists.

    • Jeth

      Please. That is obviously a sandwich…

  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    i want a poster of this