No Acquirements Needed [ COMIC ]

The naming choice for Gutsman has always bothered me. Why guts? He’s strong so why not call him, I don’t know, Strong Man?! Just seems like they could something better to call him.

Besides, this was the original Mega Man game. None of the names were taken. You had Fire and Ice Man here, not Heat or Burst or Freeze or Blizzard Man. Hell, he could have even been Stone Man… That name wasn’t taken until Mega Man 5.

Capcom, I’m just saying…


  • BigLord

    Megaman’s face.


  • meh
    • Yeah, someone already pointed it out in the Facebook comments. I honestly don’t keep up with Awkward Zombie. What makes it worse it that its not that old of a strip on their site.

      But gosh golly gee wilikers, give me enough credit that I wouldn’t blatantly rip off another webcomic’s joke. Especially for a site as large as Awkward Zombie.

      • bidoopoo

        Yeah, but yours is a animated GIF. That’s different enough, right?

        • Still too similar for my own likes. I really wish I had seen Kate’s comic before making this.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    “Gatsu!” or something is probably the Japanese stealing an American word and being all like “He has GATSU!” and it’s all dramatic and delightfully Japaneseish and when it’s translated direction it just sounds weird.

  • Ken

    this weapon works on all bosses as they yell at megman “EWWW GROSS! STOP!! STAHP!!!!

  • Phaelin

    Why not Fist Man? Oh wait…

  • Giantevilhead

    But he can make a fortune selling those organs on the black market.

  • Sensei Le Roof

    Boulder Man would’ve been a more suitable pick.