Nintendo’s Wii U Fortunes of Late [ COMIC ]

I think we can all agree that Nintendo’s Wii U launch has been pretty sad. But what I find funny is that whenever something goes bad for Nintendo, gamers start clamoring for Nintendo to get out of the console and/or handheld market. You know what? Relax.

Look. I’m not saying that I know what Nintendo should do to get back on track, but I can tell you from personal experiences that reactionary decisions are never the answer. And yes, Nintendo might get out of the hardware manufacturing industry one day, but let’s be realistic. That day is not today and not any time soon.

source: 400 Facts
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  • asquian

    Lets be honest, there’s no reason for Nintendo to pull a Sega, save for those who are butthurt that Nintendo didn’t make a clone of the 360/PS3, yet dared be successful anyway.

    PS3 started slow too, Yet these same people didn’t clamor for Sony to get out of the hardware biz.

    WiiU will pick up, it just won’t be the breakaway hit the Wii was.

    • David

      I love my Wii U. It’s a fantastic console. However if I’m being realistic I don’t think it’s going to pick up. Nintendo alienated their core fans and gamers in general with the Wii. When it came time to replace the Wii they made a brilliant console that addressed pretty much all the issues core Nintendo fans had with the Wii and most of the issues gamers had with the Wii. Then they stuck the Wii name on it, marketed it as a Wii sequel and completely failed to even try to pitch the thing to core Nintendo fans.
      I mean seriously, they use the Wii Remote in like 90% of Wii U promotions, going as far as to avoid showing the console functioning without one, even though you don’t get a Wii U Remote with the Wii U console and the majority of the games don’t use it outside of entirely optional party mode multiplayer.
      So many people I talk to don’t understand that it’s not a Wii. I don’t mean in a ‘I thought it was an addon’ way, I mean gamers who know the difference between an XBOX, XBOX 360 and an XBOX One look at the Wii U and think ‘it’s the same thing again, but they added a touch screen on top of the waggle controls’. My friends were amazed that the Pro pad works on pretty much everything. Deus Ex makes sooooo much sense on the Wii U, but Nintendo failed to explain what the Wii U is so everyone is just confused by an old game that was never hugely successful being ported over.

      Instead of saying ‘hey, this new console of ours is a giant Nintendo DS, it plays traditional twin stick A,B, X, Y games just like an XBOX One or PS4, but it also comes with a tablet for a wider range of control styles’ they’re going to continue to insist that it’s a Wii even though it’s been proven that the market just isn’t interested in a Wii 2. Nintendo have a track record of being clueless at image control, since the as far back as the SNES they’ve pretty much just gone with the flow, and nothing they’ve done in recent history gives me confidence that they’re going to shake the ‘Wii is a gimmicky toy not a console’ image problem.

  • Rezanator

    The problem is that Nintendo does not have a back up business to keep going. Microsoft has the enterprice business and Sony has a Insurance division. When Sega pull out, the video game market was different. Now the big 3 have competition from tablets and smartphones.

    The XB1 and PS4 sold around 3-4M consoles for the holidays. The Ipad sold 26m in the quarter. Though I would not mind seeing a nintendo tablet. That would be nice.

  • thewood

    All Nintendo needs to do to save the WiiU is make a new Metroid game, a new Zelda game, and get that new Smash Bros game in the stores. We all know Nintindo can float on those 3 franchises.

    • Dash12345678

      I feel the need to specify that said Metroid game should refrain from tarnishing the series and presenting all characters either as either unlikeable or unimportant, like Other M did. Anthony Higgs was quite honestly the best thing in the story, and that’s just because he’s likeable.

      • Nobody

        At the very least they should take the 3 metroid prime games and release them with updated controls. However unlike the version of this they announced for the Wii it should be made available to the public for purchase instead of only popping up in 2nd hand shops 4 years later at insane prices.

        • Dash12345678

          The Prime Trilogy for Wii was in limited release (or whatever the videogame equivalent is, since that term apparently is only supposed to apply to movies) but I’m sure if you’d looked around for a few months after it came out you could have found it at gaming stores. I personally, got my copy at Wallmart, which in retrospect probably wasn’t the best place to look, but it turned out well for me. In the end, it’s almost certainly my best-value console purchase, and all 3 games were a good time from landing on the satellite above Tallon IV in normal mode to defeating the Boost Guardian in Prime 2 without the Dark Suit.

  • yagamiisgod

    Pokemon meets Skyrim. HD real-time battles.
    Tell me that wouldn’t sell millions of WiiU’s.

    • bidoopoo

      “I used to be a Pokemon trainer like you, then I took an Fearow in the knee.”

    • Shit McPoster

      Fuck yes it would. I’d buy the shit out of that game.
      Also – Pokemon MMO. MMO’s have been popular for ages, if they’d released a pokemon MMO just as WoW was getting popular, they’d have been drowning in dollars.

  • Triaxx2

    I’m glad I’m not the only one tired of hearing people scream about Nintendo needing to get out of hardware. Honestly, games have always been Nintendo’s strong suit. Hardware has always been a vehicle to get the games out. And all three of them seem to have forgotten this to an extent. It’s shifted back and forth between them, but for now Sony is the closest to this idea. Microsoft is trying too hard to be an everything box, and… frankly I think Nintendo had some bad sushi when they put the WiiU together. Dwarf Fortress proves that even if the graphics bite, a solid game can still be incredibly well received.

  • Sky Render

    Sometimes I wonder at long-time gamers who played Nintendo as they grew up, yet have turned their backs on Nintendo since. Perhaps they’ve forgotten, but those of us who saw the resurrection of consoles with the NES were just as looked down upon by the incumbent gaming crowd at the time: PC gamers. We were just a bunch of kids, butting in on their territory with our inferior hardware that had a gimmicky control scheme and no “real” games. All of the ports of PC games to those consoles were so terrible, and there’s no way a game made for a console could ever be better than a game for PC!

    History, it would seem, repeats itself. And every time Nintendo forgets that and tries to appeal to the people who turned away from them, they end up with an underperformer of a system on their hands. Those who turned from Nintendo don’t want to come back to Nintendo, and won’t no matter how hard Nintendo works to bring them back. I thought the GameCube had taught them that… Well, they still have a chance to keep the market that emerged with the Wii. But they’re going to have to give up on the crowd that rejected them to do that.

    • Shit McPoster

      I feel bad whenever people say I turned my back on Nintendo. They’re still on my list of things to buy, but until they start promising me more than a balance-board, “Big” titles will still keep my primary interest.

  • Jeff

    I want a Wii U, played one at a special pre-release event and loved it. All the dire forecasts have left me wondering a bit. With sales being as bad as they are, and projections not any better, I can’t help the nagging feeling that Nintendo might call it a loss and move on quickly. The other factor is that I just don’t have a lot of gaming time anymore, and already have a 3DS with games I haven’t gotten to yet. Would feel weird not to get one, as it would be the first Nintendo home console I hadn’t owned. Then there’s the shiny X-box Ones and PS4’s clamoring for attention as well…