Nintendo’s Fond Farewell to the Wii U [ COMIC ]

While my daughters and I still enjoy our Wii U, I know it is definitely on its last breath. I still haven’t decided whether or not I will pick up a Nintendo Switch for them, but it is still the cheapest current-gen option. We will see…


  • skyrender

    I’d say it’s last breath was a pretty wild one. A shame it had to share it with its successor.

  • Roam85

    I like my Wii U. And will until my switch lets me import stuff into it.

  • 我也有过博客,不过那都是很多年前的事情了!

  • Kaci Phillips

    Apparently the switch has a ton more attitude than I first took it for.

  • Fazza

    Honestly the switch is pretty amazing and I can see it being amazing for younger kids in that; you can take it everywhere, local multiplayer is a key selling point and when playing with one joycon each, the buttons are inherently simplified.

    It is the sort of thing which makes me jealous for the kids of today. On long car journeys I made do with a Sega game gear plugged into the cigarette lighter, which was pretty cool, but it wasn’t two-people-being-able-to-play-Mario-Kart-8-in-the-back-of-a-car cool.

    And I say all of that as someone who had a WiiU and thought it was great.

  • Fagballs

    Is this unnecessarily brutal?